No Ordinary January

1 Feb

Well, another January come and gone. I rang it out with a bang this week, getting to add another line to the freelance section of my 2013 resume. Spending time crafting strategic messages is always rewarding in its own right, but getting paid for it is even better. It is an added bonus when the work is for friends and I can hopefully help them land some interesting work.

This past month was a good month. I have rejuvenated my creative spark and am as determined as ever to position myself as an asset in the writing/ editing field. My diligence earned me some unique experiences that may not lead to full-time work but are definitely worth the stories they generated.

Please peruse my resume and writing samples from various jobs and don’t hesitate to contact me or provide feedback. Here is to a productive and exciting February.


Post Haste

23 Jan

Piecing together this portfolio has been an arduous task. There is no lack of content, but sometimes it feels like an expert-level game of Tetris trying to get everything to fit right. I am debating creating a new page for my poetry, but I’m not sure how to display them. I know, though, that my best bet is getting them off the front page and letting the posts be updates on advancements to the portfolio and to the job hunt.

Here is a quick rundown for the day. I:

Applied to two jobs. (1 copy writing and 1 copy editing)

Signed up for a free webinar through Ohio State called “Your Resume – Creating a Marketing Piece”

Created an page and published a link on the right-hand column. CLICK THE PIC!

Oh, and check out Ate Up A-Dub for a new cookie recipe!



Reflection on Mirror Lake

14 Nov

This duck. He
or she. Mallard
or not. Not
teal but ice
blue with death.
Bobs atop
a pond. A mop
sopping up my eyes.
Wonder if the bread
was stale. Poisoned
by crusty shards of carb.
Awkward neck bent
silently. Stuck
staring at the mossy
green water.
What once was a haven
now serves as a grave.

A Shadow’s Reflection of Itself

26 Oct

Cast by light from a thoughtful spark
Mirrored and smeared but clearly dark
It wrests against waters deep of mind
Swept by depths too steep to climb
Light beget dark but both seemed to fade
then found themselves encompassed by their creator’s shade


10 Sep

Lilac scented memories

of our lemon kitchen

of our backyard garden

riding wax-paper squares down a hot aluminum slide

fighting imaginary fires in sweet dryer sheet exhaust

I was a fort building, firefly Jedi by night then

I didn’t have to close my eyes to pretend

life smelled different then

Too Bad it’s Tuesday

29 May

Still wading through my catalog of writing samples and trying to find the most effective and aesthetically pleasing way to display them. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



15 May

This is something I’ve been threatening to do but never quite got around to it. Until today … and while I now know why I was putting it off I also see what a joy it is to revisit all my old works, reflect on what I’ve learned and look forward to the next stepping stone on that path called life.

Check out my portfolio


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