Inbound and Down

17 Oct

Registered to take a FREE Inbound Marketing Class and Certification through … In a few days I will have a new line item to add to my resume and, hopefully, a differentiator on my job applications. I will post about my progress here.


I’ve continued my steady stream of job applications. I’ve received a few rejection emails, but mostly dead air.

On a, somewhat, lighter note I was invited to interview with a start-up marketing firm looking to build and impliment marketing campaigns for ATT cable. Their process involved an introductory interview (which I passed) and a second round interview which I voluntarily ended when I realized the job functions and compensation were not what I am looking for at this phase in my career. All-in-all it was a good experience practicing my interviewing skills and keeping me on my toes.

Onward and Upward,



Write it right …

8 Oct

My new portfolio is moving forward. It feels tedious at times, but getting things just right will make all the difference in the end. I have the feeling that I will be able to get the ball in the endzone by the end of next week.

I continue to apply for jobs. I am hoping the fact that I have SOMETHING going for a portfolio will outweigh the fact that it is a little crude at the moment. My hope is that a hiring manager is able to get a strong sense of who I am/ what I’ve done professionally even as I get things polished.

I have been focusing on jobs in the Portland area, but when I am ready with a solid (finished) portfolio I plan on expanding my search.

As always I am open to feedback if you are reading this and so inclined.





New Bio is LIVE

25 Sep

I’ve taken my new page live!

This is DEFINITELY a beta version. At the moment, each section under ‘My Professional History’ links to the existing portfolio on this site. That should change quickly as I get more familiar with the new platform.

If you are reading this and clicking over to the new site, please consider dropping me a line and offering any feedback you have. It would be greatly appreciated.



New Direction

24 Sep

I am drafting a new personal page to serve as my online portfolio. Eventually, I will link to my new Bio/Portfolio page with the end goal of taking it fully live and then casting THIS site off to the annals of the interwebs to drift like a rudderless ship. For now, the resume featured here is up to date, and I am using the post feature as a soundingboard for my progress as I organize my thoughts/ data.

My vision is that the new Bio/Portfolio will:

  • Be a more modern and attractive version of THIS page
  • Help me grow my professional network
  • Provide a platform for developing my freelance / fulltime career
  • ¬†Drive traffic to my recipe blog¬†Ate Up A-Dub
  • Help mold that blog into what I had originally envisioned it – a well-developed outline for a potential cookbook.

I’m hoping, too, that by putting this all in writing and compiling it digitally I will be more inclined to following through with the plan.


Updates and more …

22 Sep

I have begun getting this site back up to date. Please see the ‘RESUME’ tab for an up-to-date version of my current resume. As always, if you would like a PDF. version or are interested in more writing samples – do not hesitate to contact me.

I will also be adding new tabs for the writing work I completed at Woodblock Chocolate as well as some freelance article I wrote for

I am creating a more modern looking version of this portfolio which I will be linking to hopefully within the next week.

Also, look for updates to my food blog which has sat dormant for a long, long time. While I haven’t been posting there much, my cooking chops have greatly improved and I have quite a few recipes and projects I am excited to share.



Turn The Page

20 Sep

I have been thrust back into the job market.

This morning I:

  • Dusted off my resume
  • Applied to 3 jobs
  • Uploaded my resume to 2 different job hunt sites

This site will be updated regularly with current writing samples, thoughts on my job hunt, and links to my blogs..


No Ordinary January

1 Feb

Well, another January come and gone. I rang it out with a bang this week, getting to add another line to the freelance section of my 2013 resume. Spending time crafting strategic messages is always rewarding in its own right, but getting paid for it is even better. It is an added bonus when the work is for friends and I can hopefully help them land some interesting work.

This past month was a good month. I have rejuvenated my creative spark and am as determined as ever to position myself as an asset in the writing/ editing field. My diligence earned me some unique experiences that may not lead to full-time work but are definitely worth the stories they generated.

Please peruse my resume and writing samples from various jobs and don’t hesitate to contact me or provide feedback. Here is to a productive and exciting February.